Looking for a good smile? We dare you to listen to Smile Rock and NOT feel happy afterward! 

Get 3 of the Invisible Cartoons’s most popular fan-favorite tracks FREE!  Just enter your name & email in the form to the right!

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“Very Summer-timey, It makes me want to go outside and eat a sandwich under a tree” – Jill Hopkins The Vocalo Morning Amp (WBEZ)

“Invisible Cartoons, taking my ears to the next level!” -Rob Kleiner, BMG Chrysaliss

 “Invisible Cartoons is a musical explosion of joy and exuberance … music you can’t help but want to dance to.” -Chris Darby 

A Smile-Rock band from Chicago that blends catchy melodies, intoxicating voices, bounce-inducing beats, dynamic guitar rhythms, and dramatic wordplay about love, friendship, and fun.

Invisible Cartoons is giving away 3 fan-favorite tracks free.  Just type your email in the box to the right.  You will get two live songs only available here as well as one single directly off their debut albums.

You will get an intimate acoustic version of “A Catastrophic Atmosphere” recorded live.  Second is, the live recording of “Undivided”.  This is the song that rocked the house at their album release party, complete with special guest Andy Schlinderon on Saxophone.  Last but not least, you will get the song that started it all “Who Do” directly off brand new album.

Described as catchy, ridiculous and beautiful, Invisible Cartoons always brings the fun.  Get your free tracks today and see what Smile Rock is all about.